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Welcome to Miyabe's Secret Studio 😉

Where there’s no dumb questions, we explore our realities within safe and responsible use practices, and, most importantly, no one is ever weird enough. Let’s get weirder.

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  2. play video titled “CIFF SUN 6-9PM” 
  3. fast forward to the 2:33:20 time mark
  4. Enjoy!

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Posters are usually 4 ft long by 3ft tall and a great way to have discussions with other scientists at conferences. They are usually used to display research that has not yet been published. This one was definitely a great conversation starter at the “Chemistry and Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse Conference” this past year. 

Password: GorillaGlue

Data collected over a 24 hr period. Thanks so much everyone for taking part! To my knowledge this is the first ever open survey specifically for the neurodivergent community in cannabis.

Miyabe Shields C and Kirk RD (2022) Revolutionizing the Potential of Hemp and Its Products in Changing the Global Economy: Chapter 5 Pharmaceutical Applications of Hemp (First Edition, 93-144). Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-05144-9_5

Community Cannamemories Playlist

If you replied to any of my emails with a nostalgic cannabis-related song, it's on this playlist!