Find Your Therapeutic Minimum

**DISCLAIMER** I’ve written these as if we’re hanging out just having a conversation. It is my opinion based on my experience as a scientist and as a part of our commuity.The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

Therapeutic Minimum: The smallest amount of any molecule you can take and still receive beneficial desired effects.

Knowing your own therapeutic minimum will help keep tolerance down and build more conscious use practices into your daily behavior set.

Here are my approximate therapeutic minimums for molecules that are gifting me with a livable life:

        • D9-THC – 1mg (edible), 10mg (~50mg of ~20% flower, smoked)
        • CBD ISOLATE – 200mg (edible), 10mg (dabbed, low-temp), 5mg (dabbed, high-temp with transformation)
        • CBD HEMP FLOWER <0.3% THC – 30mg (full spec edible), 250mg flower, smoked
        •  CBG HEMP FLOWER <0.3% THC – 30mg (full spec edible), 250mg flower, smoked
        • PSILOCYBE FRUITING BODIES – 80mg (edible)
        • TOBACCO – do not know the minimum, because I use it as minimally as I can as blunt wraps (<2 per month) and occasionally a cigar (<2 per month)

This doesn’t mean that I don’t use more than this amount, but this is the lowest dose I can take of each while still receiving the benefits of anti-inflammatory pain reduction, reduction of GI inflammation, increased focus, improved sleep, and improved mental health.

Okay so here's how to estimate your own therapeutic minimums:

  2. Write down the following info in a way that is easy for you to understand at a glance:
      1. Date
      2. Time
      3. Best estimate of total amount of product (I suggest getting a digital scale that goes out to 0.00g and measures 5mg with up to a 2mg deviation)

  3. Next take the starting hit or starting edible dose and wait to feel effects (15 min for inhaled, 20-75 min for edibles). Record your level of symptom relief from 0-10.
  4. If you feel more than enough relief, stop the experiment. Repeat the experiment starting at step 1 the next day with half the starting dose.
  5. If you feel enough relief, stop the experiment.  Your therapeutic minimum is this dose; record it.


  6. If you did not feel enough, take another hit or another edible dose starting at step #3 until you reach your level


**NOTE – for edibles, it’s not ideal to repeat more than twice due to the amount of time absorption may take. If after two doses, it’s still not enough, try again the next day starting with one higher than that dose.

I would never suggest that anyone try this without the consent and supervision of a medical professional (nurse, MD, DO, PsyD, etc) or therapist who can answer questions on a 1:1 basis. This giant gap in knowledge between scientists and public service workers who keep our society healthy and safe is a huge problem. And it’s a problem we are far too delayed in addressing and why I’m so passionate about sharing my information with everyone, including doctors, therapists, and, yes, even the police and politicians if they are open to learning about how these medicines can be powerful tools to help reduce harm in the community.

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